This page is bering re-written, please see my furaffinity page for pricing details and openings.


I take custom illustration work from time to time. The best way to contact me about doing so is via my FA page: , as I open often there with availability! I tend to focus soley on single character pinups. I can do adult and non adult work and a variety of styles.

* Wingit - A format of commissions I created specifically to cut down on back and forth contact as that drains my brain a little too much. The premise is you throw a reference or design at me with full confidence in my ability to illustrate it. You have no initial input, however if I make any mistakes that are present in your references I always offer to make edits. It's a fast fun way to get quality work with a fast turnaround time. I have 15+ years experience, and an absolutely massive list of prior customers if one ever needs to look over my body of work and ethics.