Frequently Asked Questions

(aka strange things about Luckypan you never wanted to know until now)


  • What programs/tools do you work with?: Paint Tool Sai, and Photoshop CC + Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet


  • Are you a furry?: Sure! I can't exactly say no, I mean I own a fursuit, but I don't use the term to define me as a person. I am in it for the art, the rare fursuiting, and fun positive erotic art.


  • What sites have you worked for?: Slipshine, Clubstripes, and Hardblush 


  • What conventions do you go to?: On hiatus from those for a while.


  • Do you take requests?: On most occasions no, but if you give me a generic idea for a fanart of popular game/cartoon, I might do it! Just no personal characters.


  • How are you after your transplant?: I have had a transplant as of January 21st! It has been a 2 years and I am doing wonderful. I recently was deemed healthy enough to make the move from Alaska back down to Washington, and now live in the greater Seattle area with my dog, Belmont.


  • Where are you from?: Anchorage, Alaska. (Brrr!)


  • Are you a boy or a girl?:  Lady-Creature-Thing. I don’t really care what pronoun is used, but biologically I’m female. If I could be androgynous I would though. I’m not overly worried about it to be truthful! I'm happy with however people perceive me.


  • Do you have sexual preferences?:  You'd be surprised how often I am asked this! I am gray-asexual, meaning I am not a very sexual person with other people but I do find them attractive. I prefer women, but honestly I like -everything-. I find manly men hot, manly women, girly men, girly women, non-binary, intersex... like, just let me oggle everyone and stare from far away. I am far too anxious to pursue relationships otherwise.


  • Are you single?:  Yup! I have been (happily so) since 2007.


  • Hobbies?: Yes, HECK yes. Video games, Comics, Research, Music, Ball Jointed Dolls, My Dog, Food and so on.


  • Do you Skype/Discord?: Nope! At least not with strangers, I use it for 2-3 people specifically, otherwise I do not chat online. I just don't have time these days, arg, it's too much of a distraction to chat with folks online frankly.


  • Do you Rp?: Not usually. When I have it's for comedic reasons, but I don't do any E-rp stuff with strangers.


  • Can I use your character in RP?: I know this will sound strange but - I don't care. I prefer folks have their own designs and characters, but I can't really stop them from using my work. I just ask to not be notified about it, and please don't claim the work as your own - link back to me and we're cool.