Welcome to Oslade'

Welcome to the world of Oslade'! 
A place of wonder, beasts, and magic. Look below for information on it's regions and races.



Bestia is the North-West side of the largest continent, and is home to most of the beasts and beastmen that roam. This is where you will find such creatures as the Willowren, Lizardmen, Squee, and many hybrids of Mahna. Bestia gets it's name from a crude human word meaning "Beasts Land", though the inhabitants do not refer to it as such.

Bestia's icon is that of the noble Cockatrice, long extinct but still revered as a guardian to the land. The insignia is often found on shields, jewelry and signs. It is a symbol of safe haven for those hunted by humans and elves.




Illaman, the "Isle of Man" as it's called by most. It is home to settlements of human and elves, and nothing else. There are occasionally caravans of traders from other places, but they are watched carefully as those who live on Illaman are not nearly as strong as the other races. Human and Elves are far outnumbered by beastmen and monsters, hence why they are so guarded.

The symbol of Illaman is a hand and three moons, signifying the unity of Man and Elf and the stars which guide them. The two races have co-existed for hundreds of years without war. This symbol is present mostly on banners.

There are mixed breeds and hybrids that live on Illaman, but it's rare. Halfbreeds are treated poorly and typically used for slave labor, unless you are of Human and Elf - the only hybrid that is not frowned upon.




Altum is a mysterious section of ocean that is so deep, not even the most experienced diver can explore it. Rumors say that a myriad of beings live below the surface, but few have ever lived to talk about them.

Altum is home to several races of Merfolk, like the Caspians or hybrids of other beings that are more suited to the water. It is also home to massive aquatic creatures that would make any hardened sailor wet his trousers at the mere sight of them!

The symbol for Altum is as mysterious and Alien as the rumors make it sound, and items with the rune carved into it fetch a high price due to their rarity.




Mahna is not so much known as the "continent" as it is for what it harbors. A great tree is in it's center, many claiming it's the source of all magic in Oslade'. Magical creatures born from the tree called Mahna Drops reside there for a time, then when grown they explore the rest of the world.

The symbol for Mahna was created by the Elves, it's meaning being a great warning as to them Magic is evil and an unnatural force. Others see the tree as a godly being, giving life and wonder to the world. The Island is home to Mahna, Fauhna, Florets and Guardians, last of which are never seen by mortal eyes.

Races of Oslade'